Disorder Under Heaven: Onward the anticolonial struggle! People’s Forums Everywhere!

A great prairie fire burns across the so-called united states!

Each day, another citadel of the amerikan imperialists is wracked by revolt, while the global COVID-19 catastrophe has precipitated the emergence of a debilitating capitalist crisis.

The colonized masses, now committed to open struggle against the bourgeois dictatorship, have bared their teeth, seizing and setting ablaze police precincts, headquarters of the class enemy’s occupying forces.

In Seattle, an “autonomous zone,” has been declared; several blocks in the city’s downtown have been seized, including the SPD’s East Precinct, and the pigs have largely retreated from the district. Food distribution and community defense networks have begun to secure the area and ensure its resilience – while this is certainly no red base area, and the activists responsible appear to be commited to a petit-bourgeois anarchism, it remains to be seen whether this spontaneous occupation can be transformed into a lasting bastion of struggle. We call upon all of our sympathizers in the Seattle area to support the defense of the ‘Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone’ by any means necessary!

Only proletarian leadership and communist organization can transform the spontaneous demonstrations around the country into a real revolutionary movement capable of taking on the imperialist enemy, but until the real dragon rises – until a communist vanguard can emerge to unite these dispersed uprisings under the bright red banner of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism – the duty of militants is to be on the front lines of the struggle, not sitting on the sidelines wringing hands. Only by immersing ourselves in the existing mass struggles can we really apply the slogan, “from the masses, to the masses!” as our method of leadership, and discover their line.

And for those of us who have been fighting alongside the masses, their line is clear – the uniformed thugs of u.s.a. imperialism must go! The revolts which we have seen across the country demonstrate with perfect clarity that the people clamor for revolution; even in its reformist articulation, circumscribed by a trade union consciousness, the demand to abolish the police is really a call to dismantle the whole repressive state apparatus, for what else is a state but “an organ of class rule, an organ for the oppression of one class by another; it is the creation of ‘order’, which legalizes and perpetuates this oppression by moderating the conflict between classes.” (Lenin, The State and Revolution) We know that there can be no abolition of the police without all-the-way revolution and people’s war. Whether ‘community enforcement’ or uniformed cops, the role of the state apparatus is to repress the masses, particularly the colonized masses, and ensure the maintenance of the bourgeois class dictatorship – a tiger will never change its stripes!

Our responsibility now is to take the mass demand for police abolition and sharpen it on the whetstone of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism – Police abolition through revolutionary struggle! People’s war for socialism and national liberation! These are the slogans we should bring to the masses. Disorder reigns under heaven – the situation is excellent, and it is now up to the communist movement to transform the revolt into a revolution!

But, inevitable as the sunset, wherever the red flag begins to rise, wherever revolution is on the horizon, the revisionist enemy can be found, peddling rubbish in the name of Marxism-Leninism.

In Boston, on 5/29, lackeys of the revisionist ‘socialist’ parties, in conjunction with their liberal NGOist running dogs organized a march, nominally as a demonstration of solidarity with George Floyd and other New Afrikan victims of amerikan state terrorism. There, “leadership” – clad in clothes literally bearing a quotation from our brilliant teacher Mao Tse-Tung – quelled the rebellion of the masses, choosing to collaborate with the pigs rather than daring to fight. In typical Trotskyite fashion, they demanded “discipline” and forbade protestors from taking the streets – except along the march route they had planned with police approval.  

Where the masses were ready for struggle, this “leadership” tried to drive them from the streets, demanding that they turn their back on the police line, and even went so far as deploying the standard neoliberal drivel, “this is my community – if you hold the streets, people won’t be able to get to work!” This, of course, despite the fact that the most militant elements of the mass demonstration were New Afrikan women who were also from the neighborhood.

Meanwhile, in Philadelphia, the revisionists were also hard at work, reporting inflated numbers for a demonstration during which they lead the masses into a police kettle. Of course, after the fact, they would laud themselves for remaining “peaceful” – apparently, it is a virtue of the highest order to passively accept the blows of the enemy rather than striking back, so long as one can peddle copies of the party newspaper while so doing!

Conditions are the same across the country – crisp fliers and professional activists come to lead the masses out of the streets, back towards the same ballot box. Promising socialism and liberation, the revisionists deliver toothless marches to demand empty reforms, propping up the bourgeois dictatorship in word and deed. And the most nefarious elements go beyond this – striking like venomous snakes, they collaborate with the imperialist government to cripple the revolutionary movement, labeling communist militants “outside agitators” and selling them out to the police!

There is a contradiction between revolution and counter-revolution, an irreconcilable contradiction between the enemy and ourselves. Chairman Mao taught us to ask, “who are our enemies? who are our friends?” In this moment, as the objective conditions of the class struggle shift rapidly in favor of the rebellious masses, we must make rigorous effort to answer this question and struggle ceaselessly against the bourgeois elements which have permeated the revolutionary movement itself!

The revisionists, dressed up in the slogans of Marxism-Leninism and waving the red flag, have demonstrated their clear class stand on the side of the bourgeoisie and its old order.

So much for our enemies; who are our friends? The masses!

At every demonstration, fighting back against the marshalls and “peace police,” we find the people – New Afrikan, Chicanx, and even white workers – ready to rise up against the capitalist-imperialist system. Where the activists and “organizers” prefer to hide in the crowd or lead their impotent marches, the masses live by the slogan, “dare to struggle, dare to win!” When the opportunists choose to put themselves between the masses and the police, they do so not to defend the people, but in order to defend the pigs!

The opportunists know that the masses have seen the effect of a burning precinct, that the people are learning that their demands will only be met through rebellion; this makes them afraid. But the masses fear nothing; with nothing to lose but their chains and a world to gain, they know that it is right to rebel!

The masses are the real heroes, and their leadership – in the form of a proletarian revolutionarty party of a new type – will sweep away the old world through revolution and people’s war!

We instruct all of our cadre to immediately go among the masses and build up People’s Forums to out the revisionist dogs.

Use open forums with mass participation to fight for a revolutionary proletarian class line in the movement, build new mass contacts, and sharpen the political line of our formations!

Comrades, build up People’s Forums across the so-called u.s.a.!

A single spark can light a precinct fire!

All power to the revolutionary masses!

It is right to rebel!

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