Against Despair, Organize and Build the Party! The Revolution Can Not Be Quarantined!

“We Communists must be able to integrate ourselves with the masses in all things. If our Party members spend their whole lives sitting indoors and never go out to face the world and brave the storm, what good will they be to the people? None at all, and we do not need such people as Party members. We Communists ought to face the world and brave the storm the great world of mass struggle and the mighty storm of mass struggle”

– Mao Zedong, “Get Organized!” (November 29, 1943)

On the occasion of International Workers’ Day 2020, the Maoist Communist Party – OC sends its warmest revolutionary well-wishes to all peoples struggling for their liberation across the world.

Humanity stands on the precipice of extinction. Mao taught us that that while the imperialist tiger is made of paper, it still must meet the wind and rain to be brought low. One of its aspects is paper, weak and fragile (like the pathetic response of the so-called u.s.a. to the Covid-19 pandemic); its other aspect, the tiger, can be seen in a barbarity which increases by the day.

So we must be the wind and rain, and batter the enemy away. The wind and rain, the rising storm of the armed masses, and their vanguard: the revolutionary proletariat, led by a reconstituted Communist Party and the revolutionary science of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, applied through concrete analysis of the concrete situation of a given country.

The masses have many tools at their disposal: the “magic weapons,” of the Party, the People’s Army and the United Front. The People’s Army, which takes as its bastion of iron the tens of millions of proletarians and allied classes (in the so-called u.s., the colonized semi-proletariat and advanced, proletarianized strata of the colonized lumpen/proletariat, particularly those in prison) to strike deadly blows against the enemy; the United Front, comprised of revolutionary and progressive formations and individuals, mobilizes the masses to isolate and destroy the targets of the revolution, and both led by the Party of a New Type!

The task of all Communists in the so-called united states is to be actively preparing for the formation of these instruments, day by day, minute by minute, hour by hour, with every fiber of our being.

When the masses walk out of their jobs for lack of protective equipment, Communists must be there to lead them!

When the masses cry out for bread, Communists must be there, leading the efforts to produce and distribute, organizing and training the masses themselves for Communist leadership and production!

Out of this crisis emerge hundreds and thousands of organizers, developing concrete skills and even class infrastructure, but without principled Communist leadership – without politics in command – the blooming class struggle will never pass beyond the levels of its current spontaneity into a real revolutionary movement! Today, we also remember those who have died in the struggle for the liberation of all, and continue to hold high the flags drenched in their blood. From Peru to the Philippines to the Amerikan prison system and Africa, humanity’s homeland, millions have died to hoist the red banner against all who would drive mankind to its doom for the sake of capital.

The greatest insults to their memory are revisionism and stale academicism. Our comrades did not die for books; they died for peace, for land, for bread, they died so that all might enjoy a world of peace and plenty. They knew, and we know, that such a world can only be born through bloodshed; as Marx wrote, “Violence is the midwife of every old society pregnant with a new one.”

Mao reminds us that war is the highest expression of politics; nevertheless, we must struggle against the left-opportunism and adventurism which characterize some elements within the communist movement, and understand that counter-revolutionary violence and vitriol towards other Communists serves no-one but the enemy. Revolutionary violence is directed against class enemies, and can only be applied correctly by a People’s Army and United Front under the leadership of the Party. 

We know that the settler-colonial ruling class and their lackeys will not peacefully transform themselves into their opposite. It is essential for the Party to pick up the gun, to ensure that some day in the future the gun can be put down. That day will come only with the triumph of communism and the defeat of imperialism. Failure to soberly look this fact in the face and develop accordingly is revisionism and delusion of the worst type. Only a war led by the masses can finally end the wars led by the reactionaries!

The task before us is vast, and can often seem insurmountable. Indeed, through the constant bombardment of our world’s hardships, it may seem easy to fall into despair, but it is our duty to struggle against these feelings within ourselves and our comrades. Revolutionary communism demands revolutionary optimism. As Communists, we have a responsibility to the people. To get caught up in despair is to abdicate that responsibility.

We take these words from com. Gonzalo to heart:

No. I believe that I’ve got an almost built-in optimism. And I occupy myself more with problems of understanding and conviction than with problems of feelings or depression. On the contrary, I think that I am quite optimistic. It is Marxism, Chairman Mao, who has made us understand that people, especially communists, are optimists. Whenever I find myself in a difficult situation I strive to look for its positive aspect or for what potential for development may still exist within that situation, because nothing is completely black, nor is anything completely red. Even if there were to be a big defeat, even though we have not had one yet, there would always be a positive aspect. The point is to draw out the lessons, and continue to do our work based on the positive aspect. You will always find someone to support you, to lend their ardent enthusiasm and assistance to the struggle, because communism unites people.

– Interview with Chairman Gonzalo

We agree: communism unites the people! Our greatest weapon against despair is the enthusiasm of the people united under the guidance of revolutionary Marxism. Marxism is a living science, constantly transformed through practice. Without struggle towards the transformation of the world through force, there is no development of Marxist theory, which is nothing other than the summation of past practices in making revolution. Theory draws a dividing line between the world outlook of the proletariat and that of our enemies by synthesizing that revolutionary tradition into a weapon for class struggle today. Our sharp understanding of the application of Marxist theory to our current conditions reveals that our optimism is not based on idealism or utopian principles, but the real movement of the masses.

When we engage in political education, we look to the practice of the past to ensure that we avoid the mistakes of our predecessors in struggle and ensure that we learn from their successes. Marxism-Leninism-Maoism is the most concentrated expression of those lessons of the international workers’ movement. Thus, to be a Communist today means to be a Marxist-Leninist-Maoist. Our understanding of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism is on the basis of fidelity to the three greatest historical struggles against capitalism: the Paris Commune, the October Revolution, and the Chinese Revolution, especially its expression in the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution.

Our revolutionary optimism flows from this tradition, from recognizing that no revolution fails; each struggle is a step forward, and while we may be defeated by the reactionaries on one front, on another, we rise again, and soon, we will sweep the enemy away.

On this International Workers’ Day, we reiterate our demands during the COVID-19 pandemic;

  1. Cancellation of All Evictions, Rent Collection, & Mortgage Payments!
  2. Moratorium on All Utility Shutoffs!
  3. Universal Paid Sick Leave For All!
  4. Free Testing and Treatment For All!
  5. Free Food and Necessities For All!
  6. Immediate Release of All Prisoners Held on Cash Bond and Closure of the Courts!
  7. Immediate Compassionate Release For All Elderly & Immunocompromised Prisoners!

The the so-called united states has no consideration for the well-being of the people. This bloodsucking leech on the world and its people should not be expected to do right by the masses; imperialism is driven by nothing but blind profit, which it will fight to accumulate by any means necessary. 

Capitalism-imperialism will not be quarantined; neither will the revolution!

The Maoist Communist Party – Organizing Committee works for the integration of revolutionaries into all currently existing movements of the people. It is our task to join the organic popular movements emerging across the country and to apply the mass line method of leadership; it is from this work among the people that we have developed slogans which synthesize their line, such as “Pandemic is Political!”, “Don’t Spread the Virus, Spread the Strike!” and “Housing is a Human Right, Don’t Beg for it, Take It!”

We know that the quarantine and social distancing measures are, obviously, being enforced selectively. Activists and organizers, particularly houseless outreach workers, are being constantly targeted and harassed for their work, while petit-bourgeois “Reopen America” protests grow across the country with the full support of police and state machinery. Already, the forces of the ruling class are consolidating to strike against the rising masses, who are beginning to organize on a scale unprecedented in this century. We should not be surprised that, just as a world historic wave of workers’ strikes – like that of the Amazon workers, scheduled to begin on Workers’ Day – emerges, the bourgeoisie respond by funding their own wave of demonstrations, demanding we return to work! The class nature of the state apparatus is on full display; this contradiction should be magnified and explained to the people.

It is the settler bourgeoisie who fund these protests, while the the rank and file are largely composed of the settler petit-bourgeoise, particularly from the suburbs and rural areas. Our class analysis holds that the majority of settlers in the so-called u.s.a. are petit-bourgeois, with aspirations to become thoroughly bourgeois; meanwhile, what little remains of the settler proletariat is dispersed, led ideologically by the petit-bourgeoisie, and constitutes a labor aristocracy. This situation can only be reversed through the actions of settler Communists who struggle arduously to organize this stratum and win them over to the cause of revolution from the class treason to which they currently adhere.

The leadership of the revolutionary movement in the so-called u.s.a. must firmly be in the hands of the colonized proletariat if it is not to deviate into either left or right opportunism. This is no “identity opportunism” or division of the working class; it is simply a concrete analysis of its history!

In response to the death pangs of the old world, International Workers’ Day this year will be marked by actions and propaganda from coast to coast; though many of these will be spontaneous demonstrations of working class struggle, many others will be led by cadre of the MCP-OC.

These cadre are initiating virtual classes on revolutionary theory and history to raise up the political consciousness of the masses; they are continuing our Serve the People and tenant organizing programs in cities like Philadelphia, Saint Louis, Boston, Salt Lake City and Chicago; they are studying to sharpen their grasp on theory and practice, engaging in prisoner letter writing campaigns, organizing to weaken u.s.a. imperialism, coordinating exposures and actions against parasitic landlords, and developing new cadre to handle a variety of work. The MCP-OC is broadening our united front through struggle alongside principled formations with a reputation for conducting mass work in our style and uniting with aspects of our line. We are engaging in the struggle for production and distribution of supplies to address the needs of the people during this pandemic.

Every day our practice sharpens and grows, and we gain firmer and firmer links to the people. On this International Workers’ Day, we pledge to continue building the communist movement and mobilizing the masses for the fight against u.s.a. imperialism!

All Power to the Revolutionary Working Class!

Raise Ever Higher the Red Torch of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism!

Build Up the MCP!

Long Live the International Communist Movement!

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