Like Meets Like: On The Fascist Trump’s Recent Visit to India, the Anti-Muslim Pogroms & the Citizenship Amendment Act

Fascist President of the United States, Donald J. Trump, concluded his naturally pompous state visit to India on Tuesday, February 24. True to form and in perfect congruity with his Islamophobic statements and base in the United States, he ignored the New Delhi riots, which can accurately be termed pogroms against the Muslim population. The Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) is a reactionary law that on its surface makes it easier for those fleeing “religious persecution” in neighboring countries (Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh) to get citizenship in India. However, the act specifically excludes Muslims from using it to get religious asylum. This act is rightly seen as being an Islamophobic ploy on the part of the reactionary BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party), to which Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi belongs. Violence kicked off in New Delhi on Sunday with Hindu nationalist mobs sacking mosques, assaulting and killing Muslims, and destroying property belonging to Muslims. The violence allegedly started when Hindu nationalist goons began throwing stones at a peaceful sit-in protest against the CAA, and the masses gathered retaliated in self-defense. According to a news report:

Police have been accused of failing to stop such aggression against Muslims. On Wednesday, India’s Supreme Court said timely action by the police could have saved lives, and the Delhi High Court also chastised the police for failing to file cases against politicians who gave hate speeches days before the clashes began. 

“The police did nothing. They just gave the rioters a free hand,” said Ahmed. “They didn’t even let ambulances come into our areas.” 

Ahmed said the Hindu attackers were not from the adjacent, Hindu-majority area of Shiv Vihar, whom he and his neighbors know well. He said those neighbors had even given “refuge to hundreds of Muslims who fled when the militant mobs were on rampage.” In other words, the attacking mob was not a local group, but from outside the immediate area, according to Ahmed.

“There is so much fear and tension we don’t sleep at night,” said Jamal, another resident who uses only one name. “We remain on guard in the streets the whole night.” 

“I know five people who have died in our locality; four of them have bullet wounds and one was stabbed.”

This is remarkably similar to fascist violence and pogroms against colonized people in the US. Throughout history, the blood of the people on whose backs this country was built poured at infamous sites such as Tulsa (1921), East Saint Louis (1917), New York City (1863), Wounded Knee (1890), and countless others. What is fascism? Fascism is the rule of the most reactionary elements of the bourgeoisie. In settler colonial countries such as the United States, it is a cross-class project in which settlers regardless of class enact acts of legal and extralegal violence to maintain the super-exploitation of the colonized people on behalf of the settler population. In a country such as India, we see fascism manifesting itself in Hindu nationalist pogroms and targeted, legalized discrimination against and exploitation of adivasi and lower-caste people. It is routine for Dalit people to be beaten to death for using the wrong toilet, for Dalit women to be impressed into menial household service, and for violent riots to occur to ensure that the Dalit “know their place”. In India we also see the continued attempts by multinational corporations working in conjunction with the government to steal land belonging to the so-called tribal population for the mineral wealth underneath their soil. It is routine for bands of paramilitaries, police, and soldiers to stage assaults on villages occupied by tribal people to attempt to drive them off their land. This bears parallels to the ongoing attacks against the Wet’suwet’en people in British Columbia by the fascist Canadian government, which is continuing to play havoc and illegally occupy their un-ceded territory on behalf of pipeline builders and oil companies.

So it’s no real surprise to us, as Maoists with a solid grasp of history, that Trump has nothing to say on the violence that plagued his visit to the capital of India, and is proud of his strengthened friendship with Modi. Like attracts like, and the record of violence the United States has towards colonized people, whether at the hands of lynch mobs, the police, the prison system, or the military, is right alongside India’s. But, the minority and toiling people of India have their most powerful weapon, the Communist Party of India (Maoist), and its People’s Army, which has been matching the fascist government blow for blow in the past months. A recent article demonstrates their resolute opposition to all aspects of the current state of affairs:

The outlawed CPI (Maoist) Party opposed US President Donald Trump’s two-day visit to India and pamphlets in this connection surfaced on National Highway 63 on Madded-Bhopalpatnam stretch in Bijapur district of Chhattisgarh on Monday.

The Maoists have also appealed to the public to oppose Trump’s visit.

They accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Union Home Minister Amit Shah of plotting to divide the nation on the lines of religion, language and culture. Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), National Population Register (NPR) and National Register of Citizens (NRC) were against the interests of the masses, they maintained.

It is our duty as Maoists and proletarian internationalists to demonstrate our material solidarity on the ground in the heart of imperialism. Just as the Indian revolutionary masses are led by the Communist Party of India (Maoist) as their vanguard, the revolutionary masses of the United States, principally the colonized proletariat and semi-proletariat, must be led by a vanguard party that earns that title in the heat of class struggle. The cadres of the revolution that will topple this rotten old state are in prisons, waiting on bus stops, toiling as temp labor because their felonies forbid anything else, and hustling to provide for their families. The goal of a correctly guided Communist Party is to wage protracted people’s war and establish socialism on the ruins of the old society, actively waging several cultural revolutions to defend the red flag against those will tear it to shreds as has been done in China, Vietnam, and the old Soviet Union. Our greatest gift of solidarity to the people who are rising up in armed struggle against the old, fascist Indian state is to sharpen our swords here in the imperialist metropole and deal it a final death blow.

Long Live The Indian People’s Militant and Combative Resistance!

Long Live the CPI (Maoist)!

Build the MCP in the Imperialist Metropole!

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