Hands off Jerome Aba! Long Live International Solidarity!

The Organizing Committee for A Maoist Communist Party (MCP-OC) expresses firmest solidarity with the movement for peace and liberation in the Philippines in light of the provocation committed by the US Department of Homeland Security against Jerome Aba, a well known activist on behalf of the Moro and Lumad indigenous communities in the Philippines, communities who have been facing consistent and escalating outrages committed by the neo-colonial government of the Philippines led by Rodrigo Duterte. Aba is a member of Suara Bangsomoro and Sandugo, and we extend the warmest solidarity to these activist organizations for peace and plenty for the oppressed Moro communities in the Philippines.
It is our task as revolutionaries and organizers working in the United States to express moral and material solidarity with those who have been abused and attacked by the forces of imperialism represented this time by the CBP at San Francisco International Airport. Mr. Aba’s personal items such as his laptop and cell phone were unlawfully seized and searched without his consent. He was subjected to unlawful and prejudicial questioning and inquiry regarding his purposes for being in the United States and probed further regarding his opinions on Filipino-US relations, Filipino politics, and relationship to “ISIS”, “MILF” and “NPA”. He was threatened by CBP officer Lopez with being “shot” if he “misbehaved”. This 25 year old activist was subjected to the most brutal torture right here on American soil, and was deported for no reason after being forced to sign several documents. He was not allowed to contact those who sponsored him to come to the US, religious organizations and others, to participate in a Peace Caravan and a conference.
We see how the US is an enemy of the peace process and the movement for social justice worldwide. We see how the US treats those who have made it their life’s mission to struggle for transformation of the criminal order of things that this country has set up and subjected billions of people to. This is patently criminal conduct further exposing the role of the United States in opposing the movement for a just and lasting peace in the Philippines. The role of the US and its imperialist agencies and NGOs is to wreck, suppress, and obstruct not only the process of developing social justice in the Philippines but also to maintain the entire East Asian region along with Latin America, the Middle East, and Africa (along with internal colonies in the US) in a state of eternal strife and war so that it can all the more easier exploit these areas. Imperialism simply must have bloodshed and violence. It cannot exist without it. When we discuss opposing war and capitalism, we must keep in mind that the two are related and by no means can they be separated. To fight one means to fight the other. You cannot oppose war without opposing imperialism and imperialist acts such as the shameful abuse against Mr. Jerome Aba. We join all peace loving and progressive people around the world in demanding:


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