Declaration of the Organizing Committee for a Maoist Communist Party

Declaration of the Organizing Committee for a Maoist Communist Party

We are the only ones who can get at the monster’s heart without subjecting the world to nuclear fire. We have a momentous historical role to act out if we will. The whole world for all time in the future will love us and remember us as the righteous people who made it possible for the world to live on. If we fail through fear and lack of aggressive imagination, then the slaves of the future will curse us, as we sometimes curse those of yesterday. I don’t want to die and leave a few sad songs and a hump in the ground as my only monument. I want to leave a world that is liberated from trash, pollution, racism, nation-states, nation-state wars and armies, from pomp, bigotry, parochialism, a thousand different brands of untruth, and licentious usurious economics. – Field Marshal George Jackson, 1970.


The United States is a dying empire, torn apart from the inside and out. It is an empire aflame; with popular uprisings like those in Ferguson and Baltimore, as well as rebellions of indigenous peoples across this continent, like at Standing Rock. All the while, a pseudo-fascist megalomaniac runs amok in the White House.Every day this empire exists it continues a legacy of more than 300 years of robbery, rape, murder, theft, kidnapping, torture, and destruction waged by this wicked country of settlers upon the people of the entire world. It’s time for America to die, to perish in the fires of revolution. America must be ripped apart so we can liberate the oppressed nations within this wicked empire and remove the burden of Yankee Imperialism which oppresses billions of people from Palestine to the Philippines from the earth. To achieve this end we understand the destruction of capitalism and the development of socialism must be taken up by a revolutionary Communist Party.  Comprised of the most revolutionary sections of the exploited working class that we know as the proletariat. Especially those proletarians of New Afrikan, Chicanx, Boricuan, Hawai’ian, and other indigenous/oppressed/colonized and doubly/triply exploited peoples; particularly women, who will build the party and make the revolution. Labor aristocrats making $30 and $40 an hour sitting in yellow unions will not do it for us. Sloganeering two faced politicians will not do it for us.  They have much to lose. They are not revolutionary and never will be.

Scattered and feuding bands of overwhelmingly white and petit-bourgeois leftists who decided to pick up some books one day, substituting meaningless posturing, practical anarchism and a red cloak to draw the attention of others of their class background and psychology are not revolutionary. Those who willfully and purposefully isolate those patient and deep rooted community organizers who do mass work specifically tailored to and designed for the American proletariat and other exploited classes today will not build a party. They are not revolutionary. They build cliques and cults and contribute only to pointless bickering and macho posturing which generates burnout, disillusionment and attention of a negative type. We know this, because we’ve been through it, witnessed it and rejected it.

So, how will a party plagued not by these issues be built? Through putting aside petty spats and quarrels, coming together on a principled basis, and building and linking Marxist-Leninist-Maoists in all segments of the country; as well as non-Maoist comrades and formations who have a personal material interest in the destruction of this system of capitalism-imperialism. We seek to build formations of genuine internationalism through respect and inter-communal solidarity, ultimately culminating in the construction of a Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Party, a genuine People’s Army led by said party, and a United Front comprised of all who seek the destruction of this capitalist-imperialist system which promotes, encourages, and offers nothing but brutality, suffering, exploitation, and death.

What is Marxism-Leninism-Maoism(MLM/Maoism)? It is the science and practice of the revolutionary proletariat the world over. Synthesized by the Communist Party of Peru in the late 1980s, it encompasses the historical experience of all the revolutionary class struggles of the proletariat. MLM particularly focuses on lessons learned from the Chinese and Soviet socialist construction projects, and the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution of China during 1966-1976. These experiences have taught us that revolution is not merely a simple matter of “seizing the means of production,” or taking over a certain building and wiping out a few officials here and there. Nor is it a process of electing a few new seats in office and waiting for things to change. Revolution is a serious process that spans decades, and does not end with the seizure of power by a Communist Party.

The Communist Party of the Philippines, declared in 1968, have been making revolution for fifty years. The Chinese Revolution, led by the Communist Party of China, lasted from 1927 through 1949. Though not a protracted people’s war in the contemporary Maoist understanding, the Russian Revolution was a protracted process. The Indian, Turkish, and Nepalese revolutions are ongoing. If all of these parties seized state power tomorrow, by some odd stroke of luck, they would still need to wage cultural revolution in order to advance towards communism, to defeat vicissitudes of capitalist thinking and institutions through a revolution in culture. Maoism teaches us that the methodology of protracted people’s war is the only way to secure a successful and long standing revolution. We must reject the copying and pasting of other experiences, recycling of failed lines and practices, by consistently, constantly, and thoroughly summing up our experiences to develop and advance our approach to revolution. Maoism teaches us the necessity of criticism and self-criticism, not to attack and belittle, but to advance and develop. Throw out and rectify the bad, advance the good. In the organization, in the mass movement, in the individual. Reject and repudiate petit-bourgeois, lumpen-proletarian and bourgeois thought and practice, replace it with the proletarian. This is the purpose of criticism and self-criticism.

The purpose of the Maoist Communist Party Organizing Committee is to link up and unite all Marxist-Leninist-Maoists who can be united within the interests of revolution, to build working relationships with people, and to build and develop mass work practice and interpersonal and organizational unity, as well as to engage in principled and thorough struggle in the interests of advancing the utmost task of building a genuine party.

What is a genuine party? As opposed to an on paper party, a genuine party is seen as the vanguard of the masses by the masses, in particular the masses of the proletariat. The Party is to be everywhere, providing leadership and assistance in all struggles both heavy and minor, representing the most consistent and disciplined proletarians.

We seek to link up with comrades who may not be Maoist, but are conducting work that is essential to the development and wellbeing of mass movements and  the mass struggle. MCP-OP cadre will participate in mass struggles of all types and be present in all forms of institutions, from universities to unions, from coffee houses to community groups, building Maoism and building mass movements under Maoist leadership. We take this task to heart, inspired by our comrades in the Philippines, Nepal, India and the world over, to drive a life ending stake into the parasite nation that is America.  

Let’s get it done.

OC – Sacramento
OC – Bloomington
OC – Saint Louis
OC – Carbondale
OC – Worcester
OC – Las Vegas
OC – Yakima
OC – Chicago
OC – Reading
OC – Harrisburg
OC – New York City
OC – Boston
OC – Cleveland
OC – Omaha

OC – Phoenix

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